Time for Zombie Drinks!

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a nice Mai Tai or Pina Colada at the tiki bar in the summertime. And of course you want to look good while doing it so welcome our Zombie Drinks Collection!We absolutely love the vintage feel of our Zombie Drinks Playsuit featuring a fabulous print of zombies, drinks, flowers, umbrellas, and fruits on an oh so lovely lilac background! The playsuit is light and flowy, has adjustable straps, and dangle trim. A must have for any summer shindig!We’ve even slapped this amazing print on our best selling bowler purses! The Zombie Drinks Bowler Purse is nice and roomy with plenty of storage for your summer needs. Totally adds a bit of pop to your summer digs, a conversation piece for sure!No better way to keep the sun at bay than with our Zombie Drinks Parasol! This awesome print is featured on non oiled paper and has a sturdy wooden handle like a proper vintage parasol. The gorgeous @ashestoashely13 is an adorable vintage babe with the parasol!Our Zombie Drinks Fan is the perfect compact size to fit in your purse. You’ll absolutely love the die cut wood and print design and it’s sure to help you beat the heat at the beach, flea market, car show or wherever your summer fun takes you! We are happy that @_j34n1n3_ is loving her new fan!The Zombie Drinks Rosie Scarf makes a fabulous hair accessory or handkerchief. The silky feel and bold and bright print sure can bring any drab outfit back to life! We still have a few of our Zombie Drinks One Piece Swimsuits in stock but they won’t be around for long! How can you loose with a flattering silhouette complete with hip rouching, padded busts and adjustable halter ties? The print is really the icing on the cake! You’re sure to be the envy of everyone at the pool with this swimsuit! @rock_rose_boutique knows what we mean!Got any awesome Sourpuss displays or photos you’d like to share?! We’d love to see them! Make sure to tag us on Instagram with #sourpussclothing just like @retrovixenkc did with their awesome Zombie Drinks display! You can find these gorgeous ghoul goodies here!

Back In Stock- Sourpuss and Kustom Kreeps Pins and Patches!

They’re baaaack! Your favorite Kustom Kreeps and Sourpuss pins that is!If you haven’t already, check out our Kustom Kreeps Enamel Pins! You will not be disappointed with these kreepy designs. Add a little flair to your digs with our classic, best selling designs featuring Razor, Switchblade, Creep, and Skull ‘N Bones pins!If that wasn’t enough you’ll be happy to hear that our old favorite Candy Hearts Pin is finally back in stock to say how you really feel!

And while you are stocking up on one of our most popular pins, our new favorite Hearse Pin is back in stock as well. Both designs fly out of here so get your orders in now before they are gone again!While you’re checking out all the awesome pins, we’ve got new horror and fink inspired pins and patches! With several  patch designs to choose from such as Greasy, Oddball, Ghost, Ghoul, Vampire, and Wolfman we’re sure there’s a special ghoul for you!You bet we got new pins too! Take your pic from the Shrunken Head, Drop Dead, X-Ray Specs, Chompers, and Monster Hand!Don’t forget to show us where you put your new pins and patches! Tag us on Instagram, #kustomkreeps and #sourpussclothing, we’d love to see your collection! You can find these, and so much more here!


Just in time for the Summer Solstice, we are fully restocked on one our top sellers for all of 2017 so far, our compact folding fans! Perfect for carrying around in your purse, these are great for summer car shows, flea markets and other excursions.

Also back on our shelves, is our Kraken Parasol. Our Kraken Parasol is a must have for any deep sea-loving, sun-shy pinup! It features a large print of our Kraken design on tan, non-oiled paper.

Sourpuss Featured Retailer: Cobalt Heights!

What is your name, and what is your job title at Cobalt Heights?
Hi Guys! My name is Sian (Pronounced “Sharn” – Im half Welsh and its a nightmare!) Francis and I am the Owner / Operator / Rubbish Bin Emptier at Cobalt Heights. I’m a one woman operation so I do everything from the buying to the boring accounting.

Tell us more about Cobalt Heights! When did you open and what’s changed since then?
Cobalt Heights was formed in 2011 after the birth of my first son. He was one of those fabled “Dream Babies”….. you know the kind that sleep all night and behave themselves during the day? I was bored. I started out small, initially we sold costume jewellery, by 2013 I decided to start venturing into handbags and wallets (my true love) and our range has gradually expanded to include clothing and shoes as well. We prefer to stick to the “alternative” side of thing and I often describe our range as “Pretty/Creepy”, preferring to leave the demure florals and whimsical prints to the girls who do it so much better. Give me skulls and zombies over pansies and daisies any day!  Sourpuss was one of our first suppliers to come on board and I’m super proud to be a New Zealand stockist of their amazing range.

**Disclaimer – Before you start hating, my second child? Total opposite to his big brother. I am the proud owner of a dream baby and a devil baby. The universe has a funny way of arranging these things.

What did you do before Cobalt Heights ?
I have always enjoyed working with people. I left school around 16 and held various jobs in retail stores during the day and waitressing after hours. Prior to having my children I was selling new and used vehicles for a prestigious brand here in New Zealand. It was an exciting and challenging job, one that I really enjoyed and one that I like to think I was quite good at. Unfortunately it isn’t really a “family friendly” career and once my first son was born I knew deep down that it would be a long time before I returned to work outside of the home.

What’s the best part about your job?
THE PRETTIES! I am a total handbag whore and ordering and opening new stock never gets old. We are very active in the show and expo scene here in New Zealand and attend all of the major shows like Beach Hop, The Tattoo Expos, Armageddon and The Very Vintage Day Out as well as a bunch of smaller markets and shows throughout the North Island. I love nothing more than getting out into the real world and meeting up with new and old customers. Bonus points for the fact that I no longer have to worry about visible tattoos and piercings (and as a result have assembled quite an impressive collection of both in the last 5-6 years) .

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Eeek! Im a little naughty. Most days I forgo breakfast in favor of around 20 cups of tea (English Breakfast, Milk, No Sugar). However, on occasion I will make a full fry up my bitch – Mushrooms are my fave!

What is the most important appliance in your home?
Hands down, my cell phone charger! Oven not needed if I can order pizza.

Do you have any irrational fears?
I keep and occasionally breed tropical fish…..But I am terrified of fish in the water if I’m in the water with them. I like aquariums etc but scuba diving? NOPE!

Do you like Sci-Fi movies?
-If yes-What’s your favorite?
-If no-What would you rather watch?
Do zombies count as Sci-Fi? If so then YUP! Im also really into apocalyptic end of the world stuff too. Its been a long time since I’ve watched a good movie but I’m a big TV binger. At the moment I am currently working my way through The 100 but The Walking Dead is my fave show in the whole world!

Have you ever ridden an elephant?
No, I haven’t and to be totally honest even if I was presented with the opportunity to do so I would say no. I feel sorry for the poor little guys.

What are you most excited about in the coming months? (Feel free to answer for yourself or for 
Cobalt Heights )
This year we have 2 exciting new events we will vending at. The first is Armageddon in Auckland which is our equivalent to “Comic-Con”. The second is The Very Vintage Day Out. They are being held back to back, one weekend after the other in October this year and its going to be crazy! Cobalt Heights will NOT be f*cking around and I plan to bring our A Game to both shows.

Anything we forgot to ask?
Nope, I think we are good. I would like to add though that I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a featured retailer, it was such an honor to be asked. Sourpuss is one of our core brands at Cobalt Heights and that’s something that will never change. Over the coming months we will have new and exciting stock arriving all the time.

Flower Power!

Get into the spring spirit  and show off your gardening skills with our Sourpuss Skull Planters!These ceramic craniums make great conversation pieces and look absolutely lovely in a garden of darkness. We are absolutely in love with this retro inspired display from our friends @shopabernathys!Available in red or black, these glossy glazed skull planters will definitely add a little something special to your home! Liven up the house with a some green sprouts like @cummings6233 did!We’d love to see what treasures are planted in your skulls. Use hashtag #sourpussclothing and show us your blooms!

30% OFF Sale Extended!!!

First off, we would like to thank all the great shops who took advantage of our one day sale and are stocking up on with some GREAT Sourpuss and Kustom Kreeps deals! We also were flooded with requests to extend it a few more days, and we listened to your requests! That’s right, our Spring One Day Sale has been extended until end of day June 4th! Log on now and stock up, and save!

The same terms still stand on the extension. Not valid on back orders, preexisting orders, or on Coming Soon or Fall 2017 Pre-order items. This is for all new at once orders for in stock items only.


Today is the day!!!! We hope you are as excited about our one day Spring sale as we are!! From now until Midnight tonight (Eastern Daylight Time) ALL at once wholesale orders get 30% off ALL in stock items (That does include sale items!!). So quit reading this, go on over to the wholesale section of our website and place your orders! Sale does not apply to back orders, coming soon, or fall 2017 pre-order items. This is for at once, in stock orders only.

Glitz and Glamour with Sourpuss Sabrina Wallets!

Have you checked out our glitzy Sabrina Wallets yet? Full of glitter and retro style, these wallets are a perfect combo of functionality and style.Made from the most swoon worthy glitter vinyl, the Sabrina Wallet is available in 5 colors including gold, pink, aqua, black and the brand new red! And would you look at that fancy scallop matte vinyl design?! Perfect for any retro loving gal!We also love the compact design of this wallet. While there is plenty of space for your money, cards and coins, the bill fold design is less bulkier which is perfect for your favorite retro purse! Or any purse for that matter, right @allieymamas?!The red and black wallets will also pair perfectly with our Sabrina Purses. These best sellers will be in stock next month so make sure to pre-order now to ensure your stock!You can find all the retro Sabrina goodness here!