Let Us Die In Grace!

We’re destined to leave this plane of existence at some point for the bell tolls for us all. However, how we choose to leave is completely up to us. We’re the types to choose the higher road, to die in grace and we’ve curated an inspiring collection to explore our morbid longing for the afterlife!The photos simply do not do our Die In Grace Shift Dress justice! This mauve dress features an flash of traditional flowers and coffins by artist Ana Pantera to help guide us to our next adventure. This vintage silhouette has a nice a-line skirt, wide wast band and hidden pockets so you’ll enter the other side in style!If you love these graphics surely our Die In Grace Tee is right up your alley with it’s all seeing eye coffin complete with sacred hearts, flowers and a little delicate reminder to “Die In Grace”. Although you may be gone, you’re never forgotten with our Memento Mori Tee featuring a traditional rose and dagger design also by the talented Ana Pantera. If you like this tee, check out the Rose and Dagger Enamel Pin!We’ve all experienced a little rain in our lives but no more! Protect yourself from the elements with serious macabre style with our Pagoda Umbrellas! Although available in multiple colorways and designs, you can’t go wrong with classic black. And would you look at those spires? One could say they’re to die for…The dead always leave behind mementos to remember them by. Keep these beloved items on display with our Coffin Shelves! Available in black, red, green, purple and our large Coffin Curio Coffin Shelf, you can now keep memories alive and well.

Get in touch from beyond with our Planchette Key Holder! Not only does it hold our keys but this is a great way to store your jewelry and other hanging mementos. And if you love this design, summon our Planchette Patch to step up your patch game on the other side!Never laugh as a hearse go by for you may be the next to die! They don’t call them stiffs for nothing, it’s it’s freezing cold in that coffin! We recommend our Hearse Knit Hat for your long dirt nap! Gotta keep those keys for your last ride somewhere, why not with our Hearse Keychain?You’re now officially prepared for the afterlife and beyond! All items available online now! Don’t forget to tag us before you go, #sourpussclothing!


Dia De Los Muertos!

Let us not forget the other amazing holiday coming up, Dia De Los Muertos! A day of honoring our passed loved ones and indulging in the rich Mexican culture! We certainly have some fun treasures to get you in the mood and celebrate!spdr309_lucha_kitties_skater_dress_1-1Have you seen our Lucha Kitties Skater dress? The name says it all really, kittens donning Luchador masks! Add that to bold colors, a brilliant purple skater dress, and a fit made for any woman, it’s certainly a knock out combination! We think @lucy_purr, @iamjessalmighty, and @skippingwiththedevil look fabulous!

luchakittiesHow can you go wrong with our Sugar Skull Cardigan? This cute little number is decorated with a large knitted sugar skull design on back. This light, soft, and warm cardigan goes with any outfit and is sure to become a staple for your fall wardrobe.

sugar-skull-cardiEven the animals are getting in on the sugar skull craze! How cute is our I Heart Pit Bulls Tee?!pit-bullsOur Memento Mori collection reminds us that what lives, must also die. With this beautiful matryoshka skeleton doll artwork, we’ve created the Memento Mori Bowler Bag to liven up your accessory collection and Memento Mori Pillow to spruce up your home. The bag is gorgeous, @prtcmerch knows what we mean! memento-moriEvery morning can be a Day Of The Dead celebration with our Sugar Skull Mugs in black and white. They hold 11 ounces of caffeinated goodness and are microwave and dishwasher safe. The Sugar Skull Salt & Pepper Shakers add the right touch to the festivities as you feast!

sugar-skullsFeaturing artwork from tattoo artist Ozzie Perez, we are in love with our Sad Gato collection featuring the meanest, switchblade swingin’, cholo cats around! Our Sad Gato Floozy dress features the print on stretch cotton fabric, amazing a-line silhouette, and sweetheart neckline. The stylish Sad Gato Carry All is big enough to hold all your goods with plenty of organizational pockets. The Sad Gato Tumbler hold 12 ounces of your favorite beverage. Adorable photos from @allisonamundsen, @rosieacessorios@silent_wolf_goblin. and @melissamarie86!sad-gato-floozypicmonkey-collageAnd Guys, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our popular Kustom Kreeps Dapper collection is just for you! Our fantastically coifed dapper sugar skull design is available on our men’s cotton tee, patch, and bandana! Dapper until death! Thanks for representing the @kustomkreeps line @decopodean and @groomphilly!

dapperAll these and more on the site. Happy Dio De Los Muertos all!

That Which Lives, Must Also Die


These adorably dark matryoshka dolls are sweetly reminding you that what lives must also die. Our black vinyl Momento Mori Bowler Purse features sturdy handles, zip top closure and an outside pocket with magnetic snap. It’s roomy enough for anything you’d like to carry with you and its interior pouches and zipper pocket will keep you well organized.


Sourpuss Feat. Retailer: Memento Mori Studios!

What is your name, and what is your job title at Memento Mori?
I’m Chris Gauthier, President of Memento Mori Studios Inc. I’ll be
answering some of these questions with the help of my best friend, Jesse &
my wife, Jax.

Tell us more about Memento Mori! When did you open and what’s changed
since then?
We opened in June 2011, four partners consisting of two married couples.
We all gave up secure employment & spent every penny we had to fulfill our
mutual dream of opening our own shop. We started in a small space
offering quality tattoos & piercings alongside some of our favorite brands
like Sourpuss. Things took off pretty quick for us & last December we
relocated to a 5500 square foot location & have increased our staff to 13.
We also added laser tattoo removal & currently feature 8 resident
tattooers & a well-respected piercing department.

What did you do before Memento Mori?
My partners already worked in the tattoo industry but I actually worked in
management for a large cellular company. I spent 10 years wearing a tie
to work but I gained experience & learned a lot of what I need to know
about operating a business. I always knew I was going to be self-employed
& I went to fashion college when I was 19 so I kinda wanted to have a
clothing store. Then in 2008 on a beach in Mexico the four of us realized
that we could put our dreams together & build one business utilizing all
of our skill sets.


What’s the best part about your job?
I think the best part of our jobs is getting to work with our friends &
family every day. We’ve been able to build an amazing group of creative
individuals that share our commitment to our industry & our passion for
art. It’s pretty awesome to be able to love what you do & that’s
something we don’t take for granted.

What is your favorite thing to drink when out with friends?
Bourbon Old Fashioned

What is your favorite smell?

Do you have any irrational fears?
Not really, I don’t buy all the statistics about the likeliness of being
attacked by a shark.

Do you like horror movies?
Jesse – Yes, his favorite is the original Night of the Living Dead.

What are you most excited about in the coming months?
Pretty stoked to start planning our vacations/trips for later in the year.

Keep up with Memento Mori here:
Instagram @mementomoristudiosinc
Twitter @mementomoriink
Facebook www.facebook.com/MementoMoriStudiosInc