Life Is Too Short To Hold It All In…


We here at the Sourpuss HQ believe it is important speak your mind and let people know what you are really thinking. Life is to short to hold it all in anyhow. Sometimes we know it can be hard to come up with just the right words, so we are here to help. Check out these three new housewares that will come in handy when your favorite (or not so favorite) people stop over for a snack. These are in stock now and flying off the shelves as we are shipping all the pre-orders for these first!


Wait…what did you just say?! Perfect for the host or hostess that maybe isn’t so… delicate… with their words… This subversive plate features pretty vintage-inspired graphics that elevate the phrase, “Eat Shit & Die”. Not your grandma’s china that’s for sure!


This sweet and adorable dessert plate features a fresh baked pie, A classic painted swallow, and the request for your guests to “Shut Your Pie hole”  The vintage inspired art softens it up to perhaps to be a bit more palatable. Not to mention, they’re perfect for serving up a slice of pie!


We think this one pretty much speaks for its self. Let’s be honest, we all know someone who needs to be told this…





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