Caught In A Web!

As we continue with the Halloween themes there at Sourpuss HQ, how could we forget about our favorite arachnids weaving their gorgeous web patterns in the moonlight?! Nothing is quite as stylish as nature’s very own spider web pattern and we’ve got a great Sourpuss Web collection to reflect that.sp_spiderweb_backseat_baby_purses_7342Our Caught In A Web Dress is a bold and beautiful autumn dress. A flattering bodice, smocked waist, and decorative buttons accent the gorgeous chiffon print. The black webbing stands out and looks fantastic against the bold red hue. Pair it with a cute cardigan and your good to go! These ladies @bakeamuffin, @jillianelaine999, @blkvelveteen20 and @my_secret_closetfl are prime examples!web-dressThe Spiderweb Backseat Baby purses are the epitome of spooky style. These glitter vinyl purse feature front and center spider web embroidery and plenty of cool colors to choose from. Kiss lock closure, easy grip handle, and satin lining make this vintage inspired beauty a must and we are sure @skummer408, @helendonoghue, and @dianaaville couldn’t agree more! pursesAnd what goes better with these fabulous purses then our brand spankin’ new Spiderweb Wallets! Stunning spider web embroidery cover the front while glitter vinyl complements the inside and outer piping. With a snap closure and plenty of pockets to keep you organized, the only problem you will have will be picking a color!spiderweb_wallets

Have you checked out the Spiderweb Cheap Thrills Purse? This over the shoulder purse is perfect for ladies on the go! This faux leather purse has spider web embroidery on the front flap. Features include an adjustable strap and shoulder reinforcement, magnetic snap closures, loads of space and pockets for your stuff, and a little bit of fringe for flare!

cheap-thrillsIf you are looking to revamp your favorite jacket or vest, we suggest our Spiderweb Collar Patches. These come in a variety of colors such as black/red, black/silver, pink/black, and green/black. And since we are sprucing things up a bit, don’t forget our awesome tattoo flash inspired Spiderweb Enamel Pin!

mobileOur Sourpuss Web Socks are the coziest accessory to keep you warm! These knee high woven socks come in a few colors including green, white, pink, and red. Pair them with a cute dress or skirt, with your next derby bout outfit, or with a nice pair of boots and you are sure to fall in love!socksIf you would like to add a little something to accent your look why not try our Spider and Web Post earrings?! These post earrings are nickel free and add just the right amount of flare. Also, these bad boys, as well as all of our Sourpuss Jewelry is on sale right now for 40% off! Who doesn’t love a sale?!


As always, don’t forget to pre-order to get the latest and greatest webbed goods! Our Spider Trinket Dish is due in later this season and our Spiderweb Dolly Dress is set to come in Spring 2017.pre-bookWho knew these eight legged creatures of the night could be so adorable?! Make sure to check out our Sourpuss Web Collection today!

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