Snuggle Buddy!

They’re back and better than ever! Get ready to snuggle up with everyone’s favorite Sourpuss Blankets!sphw127_skull_blanket_modeledThese plush blankets, constructed from ultra soft fleece and satin lining, will keep you warm and cozy for you next Netflix marathon.  These bad boys measure 50″ x 60 so there is more than enough room for you and a friend! Our friends at @blamebetty totally have the right idea! Especially with some Sourpuss pillows on the side!12965106_919549861491484_1745249753_nOur Octopus blanket features polka dots and the infamous tentacled beast of the deep! We wouldn’t mind a nice afternoon nap in @shannygson‘s bed. Check out the awesome Sourpuss His/Hers pillowcases too (on sale now)!!!12826174_1692035577703022_2071600460_nOur Skull blanket features our favorite classic anatomical skull! We can certainly make ourselves right at home on @beautytoxicnat‘s bed of curiosities!13113793_1600830900207996_1523757988_n These are great throw blankets to liven up your home for Halloween. And don’t forget with Christmas right around the corner, you’ll definitely want to stock these as they make a fabulous yet functional gift! Our friends at @heartbreakboutiquesj totally agree and are all smiles behind the fleece! 13118169_1130090070345887_1678016346_nDon’t wait, you do not want to miss out on one of our favorite and most popular Sourpuss items of the season. Before you know it, you’ll be glad you have a Sourpuss throw blanket as a snuggle buddy!



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