New Sourpuss Skirts Are In!


It is that time of year for our new Fall skirts to arrive, and we have 3 brand new ones for you to choose from!

Every lady needs the perfect swing skirt in her closet. The brand new Donna Skirt fits the bill! Not only is this amazing skirt made from a quality, stretch bengaline, it also has… drumroll, please… pockets!!! It’s the best, most versatile skirt – pair it with a fitted tee or a button-up, dress it up or down; either way, you’ll look fantastic!


Our Suzie Skirt gets a macabre makeover with our new Skull Duggery design! This flattering a-line skirt has some DIY charm with embroidered skull patch pockets and a ric-rac-style embroidery. It’s also made from a quality stretch bengaline, so it will stand the test of time!



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