Some Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Kreep…

If you have been scratching your head trying to figure out just what to get your favorite Kreep for the holidays, we have a few suggestions for you. Or maybe you are  just a Kreep and are looking to treat your self to something new. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these. You can find them all HERE!


Whether or not you believe that “the clothes really do make the man”, our Kustom Kreeps ties will surely make a statement none the less!

mens toilet bagsWe’ve made it easy (and stylish) to be prepared for your next trip, be it for one night or a fortnight. These Kustom Kreeps Toiletry Bags have an easy-grip handle and is made of black vinyl with either an embossed anchor or screen printed with a repeated switchblade pattern in gray. They also come with a zippered pocket on one side. The interior includes an extra pair of pockets to help keep things ship shape.

soxWhile there may not be much historical information about what socks pirates wore, we feel pretty confident that if Blackbeard was alive today he would be sporting a pair of these soft and comfortable Men’s striped socks with either a skull on each ankle or an anchor at the top.


These sturdy, stainless steel Kustom Kreeps flasks feature a black, screen printed design that is just brimming with good, ol’ fashioned class.


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