Sourpuss Featured Retailer: 23 Skidoo!

23_Skidoo_PromoWhat is your name and job title at 23 Skidoo?
I’m Sandi, and I am the owner, top dog, head honcho, big cheese, mama bear at 23 Skidoo.

Tell us more about 23 Skidoo ! When did you open and what’s changed since then?
I opened 23 Skidoo in August, 2001. In the beginning, we were a strictly vintage clothing store. Around 2005ish, we started carrying new/retro/vintage inspired stuff, and have grown like crazy! The town we are in, Campbell, has also grown from a very small-town style community to a bustling little downtown. The customers now are more aware of vintage/retro, thanks to a revival of pinup and shows like Mad Men. There’s definitely more of a demand for vintage/retro for every day wear, whereas before it was more of a specialty market.

What did you do before 23 Skidoo ?
I’ve done lots of things… I actually still have a job part time as a unit assistant in an ER, but I also worked in veterinary clinics for over 15 years. Strange transition, I know! I’ve always loved vintage clothes and awesome style, and one day just kinda thought, “I wanna open a cool store” and here you have it!

What’s the best part about your job?
Other than getting first pick at the awesome clothes, you mean? 😀
Happy customers!! When you get a shy gal who isn’t sure about trying on a dress because she might be insecure, but she tries it on anyway and sees how amazing it looks… Her face brightens up, she gets excited about how beautiful she really is. It’s a great feeling. 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Peanut butter and cheese on toast. 

What is the most important appliance in your home? Why?
My stove. It’s from the late 30’s and has not only grilling instructions, but a baking chart painted inside the oven doors. For someone like me, who can’t cook, and doesn’t like using books or online recipes, those instructions are life savers.

Do you have any irrational fears?
Answering questions for clothing companies. 😉

Do you like Sci-Fi movies?
I love Star Trek all day long. Metropolis and Alien are also in my top 3. Oh and Star Wars. And.. and… (Don’t make me pick just 12!)

Have you ever ridden an elephant?
No. But I feel sorry for the guys who clean up their poop.

What are you most excited about in the coming months?  (Feel free to answer for yourself or for 23 Skidoo)
We have some really fun upcoming events we will be styling/sponsoring, and doing some great photo shoots to update our website. Plus, LOTS of new items will be coming in.

Anything we forgot to ask?
you didn’t ask about cats. CATS ARE AWESOME.

Instagram: 23skidoovintage
Twitter: 23skidoovintage
Facebook: 23skidoovintage


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