Shark_Attack_Summer_of_SourpussIs your store on Instagram? Do you want to win some fun Sourpuss goodies for your shop and staff? If so, its time to get a picture snapping!!! We are excited to be kicking off our #SUMMEROFSOURPUSS competition going now through September 30th. For your picture to win just follow these simple rules:

  1. The photo must be a NEW post since July 15th, 2014.
  2. You MUST use the #SUMMEROFSOURPUSS (feel free to tag us @sourpussclothing, as well as and add in #sourpussclothing)
  3. The photo MUST have a Sourpuss product in the shot

From there, its really up to you what you want to do. It can be a lifestyle shot, it can be of the staff in Sourpuss, customers in Sourpuss, a fun summer display of Sourpuss goods, just have fun with it! We have the most creative and fun accounts a brand can ask for, and now its your turn to shine! Monthly winners (and maybe a few honorable mentions..) will be chosen by us and will receive a Sourpuss goody bag for the shop and its staff, a regram of the winning images to all of our followers as well as on our Facebook page! So lets get on with the show and let us see what you can do!!!!!!


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