Why We Are Moving to Prebooking…

PREBOOK BLOG UPDATESome of you may be asking your self “Why are those awesome folks over at Sourpuss asking me to Pre-Book their great Fall 2014 Collection when its only the start of May”? Well let us answer this for you….

As we grow we need to have a better idea of what we will need, and when we will need it by, so that we can facilitate all of our accounts so that no one is left out. With a clearer picture of what you as retailers are ordering, we can maximize the most of our production in advance so that when it comes to shipping out orders as well as forecasting reorders we will have you covered! As this is our first season of Pre-Booking we are adding these in as we go for each delivery. Once we get through this first season, we will be able to send you a full seasons of pre-books all at once and the process will be a fair bit easier to manage.

We thank you for your patience as we switch this over, as well as encourage you to check out our PRE-BOOKING section of the wholesale site as well as our COMING SOON  section to keep up with NEW items as we add them. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


2 thoughts on “Why We Are Moving to Prebooking…

  1. Hi Guys Recently the emails I have been receiving (which are great for keeping me up to date) have only a subject line, nothing in the body, the last 5 or so .

    Cheers Tracey

    “Lana-Rose” 509 Warrenheip St Buninyong Victoria Australia 3357 Mobile: 0438 003 512 http://lana-rose.com.au

    • We will take a look into it! They have come across fine on our end so it may just be a display setting you have set up. Will let you know if we find anything on our end. Thanks for reading.

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